Advocacy Day at the Capitol 2018

Connecticut Humanities and the Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation are partnering to present #CTPlaces’ Advocacy Day on March 28, 2018 at the Capitol this spring. #CTPlaces, established in 2015, is a coalition of advocates for history and humanities-related organizations and sites in Connecticut. The chief partners in the #CTPlaces coalition are:

Connecticut Humanities
Connecticut Trust for Historic Preservation
Connecticut League of History Organizations
Connecticut Historical Society
Connecticut Preservation Action
Connecticut State Library
Connecticut Library Association
Connecticut Library Consortium
Connecticut Explored Magazine
The Connecticut Coalition for History

We frame our message around the fact that there are hundreds of special places and special heritage/humanities organizations whose vitality is fundamental to the state’s quality of life and competitiveness. Museums, historic houses and farms, libraries, heritage sites and trails, and other significant sites and buildings tell the story of Connecticut and constitute the fabric of our communities, past, present and future. They are vital sources of civic engagement that help us envision and work together toward a positive future.

As a grassroots advocacy alliance that aims to build a strong grassroots presence, as well as an articulate and loud voice at the Capitol, we have been addressing the dramatic erosion of state investment in the heritage/ humanities sector. We believe that continued public and private investment in history and humanities creates and supports the kinds of communities in CT where residents stay, businesses thrive, and newcomers want to call home.

Our message is simple. Every town in Connecticut has a history museum or historical society, a library, and community groups that offer exhibits and programs that illuminate the values of an engaged informed Connecticut. These places, in every town, exist and thrive with both public and private support.

To ensure a successful Advocacy Day 2018, we will do several things:

  • We will set up times for key Connecticut legislative leaders to visit the different organizations the #CTPlaces coalition frequently work with. The visits will take place this winter.
  • We will take pictures of the legislators with leaders of the organization, and members of the community, that includes a picture of the specific site.
  • These pictures will be blown up and mounted to hang along the wall of the Concourse at the LOB. The exhibit will hang from March 16th to March 30th, in conjunction with Advocacy Day 2018 on March 28th. We hope to have at least fifteen images, if not more.

On March 28, 2018 as part of Advocacy Week, #CTPlaces will hold a press conference, with Senator Duff from Norwalk as the host, to celebrate the value of history and humanities to CT. We will ask the legislators who participated in site visits to say a few words about how special the site that they visited is to them and their communities. Both before and after the press conference we hope that many history/humanities advocates will visit their own legislators with a powerful message about how important their local sites are to the quality of life in their communities.

Look for more details to follow on Advocacy Day 2018 and a link to register after the start of the new year.