Invite your state lawmakers to visit your museum, historical society, or library

Please join our CTPlaces Coalition effort to make spring 2017 the season we invite our state lawmakers to visit our special places, offering them a unique glimpse into what make your place special to so many people in your community.

This is an opportunity to provide a “behind the scenes” tour, and even engage your legislators with your top donors, board members, or other loyal volunteers.  If you can determine whether your state senator or representative has children or grandchildren, this is a great chance to engage them as well as part of a family outing – one that will make a lasting and positive impression on them as they consider important budget votes that lie ahead.

If you attended one of the seven Regional CTPlaces Forums held across Connecticut last fall, you heard our appeal to invite your local lawmakers for a visit – now is the time!  And if you’ve not yet congratulated them on their election victory, now is the time!

In our Advocacy Toolkit, you will find a model note you can personalize and use to make your invitation.

Please act today. Don’t miss this opportunity to make this vital personal contact and set the stage for a productive relationship in coming weeks and months!

Thank you for your help.

To find a directory of CT Legislators, a guide of how to communicate effectively with them, and a sample invitation letter, please visit our Advocacy Toolkit.

Have you or your organization participated in an “Invite Your Legislators Day”? Let us know! Send us pictures, and we will feature you on our site.