Who We Are

Our Purpose

Across Connecticut, hundreds of special places are fundamental to the state’s quality of life and economic competitiveness. These treasured places – museums, historic homes and farms, libraries, heritage sites and trails, and other significant sites and buildings – tell the story of our state and constitute the fabric of our communities, past, present and future.

These places include sweeping tracts of farmland, coastal cliffs, and urban green spaces. They are former residences both majestic and humble, industrial complexes both empty and re-purposed, and places where doors to the past are opened, colorful stories are brought to life, and the journey of discovery begins. They are vital sources of civic engagement, knowledge and inspiration, helping us envision and work together toward a positive future.

The #CTPlaces Coalition believes the recent, dramatic erosion of state investment in and  support of, these special places are a direct threat to what makes our state an attractive place in which to live and work.We believe that continued public investment in these places, in conjunction with supportive public policies that spur private investment, will create and maintain communities  where residents stay, businesses thrive, and newcomers call home.


Our Goals

Our preliminary Legislative Goals for the Connecticut General Assembly’s 2017 session are outlined here.


Cooperating Organizations:

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Connecticut Coordinating Committee for the Promotion of History